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    Integrated Transformation
    Solutions for maximum impact


    Move B-BBEE from a compliance burden to a profitable investment

  • SME Development starts
    with Market Opportunity

    Market Access > Funding Solutions > Risk Management > Capability Development

  • Funding Solutions for
    SME Capacity Development

    With the right funding solution and support, SMEs can deliver on market opportunities

  • IN•SIGHT - [in-sahyt]

    IN•SIGHT - The power or act of seeing into a situation

    IN•SIGHT - The act or result of comprehending the inner nature of things or of seeing intuitively.


    Calling out all SMEs’ to play an active role in combatting youth unemployment


We provide our clients with integrated Transformation strategies for maximum impact that move B-BBEE from a compliance expense into a sound investment.

Enterprise and Supplier Development

We specialise in the design and management of ESD programmes that not only achieve compliance for our corporate clients, but also develop and grow small businesses to create sustainable jobs.

SME and Development Funding

We offer an Integrated Finance Solution which links Banks and Development Finance Institutions to SMEs. Through expert risk management and blended funding we remove the barriers that usually prevent viable SMEs from passing credit requirements.


20/20 Insight integrates elements of South Africa’s development eco-system for improved impact, through cost effective innovative solutions to key stakeholders
To see a day when there is no poverty in South Africa, and all people have opportunity to find decent jobs through a vibrant SME sector driven by entrepreneurship and offering great personal growth opportunities and financial security.
To contribute towards the achievement of full employment in the country through driving large-scale entrepreneur development and SME growth.
A 20/20 Insight winner is a Goal Driven Team Player who is Passionate about Development, Leads in a Caring manner and is Efficient in all they do.

  • Goal Driven: We set ambitious growth and development goals, work hard and with pride to achieve them
  • Team Player: We are team players who draw on and look for the best in others
  • Passion and Development: We are passionate and focused on personal growth and the development of colleagues, Corporates, SMEs and the organization at large
  • Caring Leadership: We are leaders of ourselves and others and are determined to be the best, make the best use of our time and other resources and give the best to our families, friends and colleagues
  • Efficiency: We are meticulous in the planning and efficient in execution of all our projects and programmes

Client Engagement Process

Connect and Engage:

We invest time to connect and understand needs and objectives of our client and sharing an overview of our capabilities and process

Understand and Analyse:

We research and gather quantitative and qualitative information to analyse your present situation, objectives and timeframes

Design and Develop:

We develop solutions and strategies to assist in meeting the proposed objectives through a collaborative and inclusive approach


We work with client to best determine each aspect of the implementation process to ensure that solutions and strategies are delivered

Control and report:

We continoulsy apply leading Monitoring, Evaluating and Reporting (MER) principles to each phase of the solution or strategy in accordance with the scope of our relationship

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