SME & Development Funding

Value offering:

20/20 Insight offers an Integrated Finance Solution which links Banks and Development Finance Institutions to black owned SMEs. Through expert risk management and blended funding we remove the barriers that usually prevent viable SMEs from passing credit requirements and gaining cost competitiveness. We create shared value to all our stakeholdesrs:

  • Structuring advice
  • Banks & Development Finance Instiutions: Access to SMEs that have a supportive controlled environment with shared minimal risk
  • Enterprise & Supplier Development (ESD) Programmes: Leveraging of Corporate ESD funds for efficient compliance, higher impact and accelerated SME growth
  • Corporate and Government Procurement: Compliance with reduced risks and SME performance assurance
  • SMEs: Capacity and capability development to deliver competitive quality services to corporate and government clients

SME Funding:

20/20 Insight offers short to medium term borrowing to help SMEs with working capital and assets acquisition funding through the financing of viable contracts and projects. 20/20 Insight finances both Corporate Company Contracts and Government Contracts. We work with all SMEs to ensure that they meet the minimum funding criteria and them with the compiling of funding applications. SMEs will also receive guidance and support to establish and grow their relationships with banking institutions.

Qualifying criteria for entities seeking funding:

For 20/20 Insight to assist with your funding, the SME has to meet the following criteria:

  • 1. At least 51% black ownership.
  • 2. The applicant should have a viable contract or project.
  • 3. The contract must define payment terms and conditions, in order to prove repayment ability.
  • 4. The contractors should have the skills/ expertise relevant to the business and or industry.
  • 5. The business should show profitability through realistic future cash flow
  • 6. Ourloan facility range from R0.5m to R50m with a maximum loan term of ten years.
  • 7. We may finance start up business if they have a contract and the future cash flows are viable.


  • 20/20 insight will structure the transaction if supported by a contract/ agreement/ purchase order.
  • on receipt of all the necessary information 20/20 Insight will do an initial assessment and if the transaction is viable, we will proceed to drafting the funding application.
  • 20/20 Insight requires 72hrs to complete a funding application.
  • Funding application will be forwarded to 20/20 Insight’s funding partners for approval.
  • It takes from 2-4 weeks to get a decision from 20/20 Insight’s funding partners on the funding application.
  • An additional 2 weeks is required for pay out on a transaction if the transaction is approved.

Supporting documents required prior to submitting application:

Please provide the following documents in order for us to process your application. If documents are outstanding, we cannot proceed with your application. This will delay your outcome.

  • Client Contract and/or Purchase Order
  • Supplier quotations and invoices
  • Proof of Business Address (e.g. utility bill) – Certified copies
  • Registration Documents – CIPC status (must reflect “In Business”)
  • ID of Members or Directors – Certified copies
  • Annual Financial Statements (3 years); if applicable
  • 6 Months Bank Statements/ confirmation of banking details; if applicable
  • Certified B-BBEE Certificate/Affidavit confirming status if client is an EME
  • CVs of Directors/Members
  • Projected Cash Flow Statement; if applicable
  • Credit Bureau Consent Form; if applicable
  • Personal Balance Sheets of Members / Directors
  • Mandate letter/ board resolution authorising for the loan application
  • Tax clearance certificate

Please e-mail [email protected] or call 011-234 8998 for more details.

20/20 Development Fund

The 20/20 Development Fund (the “Fund”) is a trust set up by 20/20 Insight to assist SMEs gain access to finance. The Fund aggregates funding from from Development Finance Instutions, Enterprise & Supplier Development (ESD) Contrinbutions by Corporate Companies and commercial bank funding. By integrating funding from various sources we provide blended Preferential Funding to beneficiaries of ESD Programmes

Fund Structure