Enterprise & Supplier Development (ESD) is a combination of Preferential Procurement, Supplier Development and Enterprise Development programmes. It is part of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) policy to advance economic transformation in South Africa.

ESD is primarily aimed at ensuring that corporate companies procure their goods and services from black-owned businesses and small businesses through Preferential Procurement. Corporates are also required to invest the building the capacity and capability of these businesses through mandated ESD contributions of 3% of Net Profit After Tax.

20/20 Insight mission is to contribute towards full employment in South Africa through the development of small businesses and job creation. We specialise in the design and management of ESD programmes that not only achieve compliance for our corporate clients, but also develop and grow small businesses to create sustainable jobs.

SME development starts with market opportunities. Whether in the Corporateā€™s supply chain through preferential procurement or externally. It is crucial that businesses are developed to serve a specific market opportunity. This ensures that the development support provided is goal oriented and focused on meaningful impact.

We support SMEs to deliver on contracts issued by corporates and other market opportunities through funding solutions and providing dedicated management support and advise from our network expert advisors. We assist the SMEs to source and retain skilled personnel that will deliver on contracts and drive the business growth.

Our executive performance coaches walk the path the entrepreneurs heading the SMEs in our development programmes to ensure that they provide proper leadership to their staff and effectively shape and drive their company vision and mission.

Mentorship to crucial to SME success, but it has to be the right type of mentorship and from the right sources. We source experienced entrepreneurs and corporate executives to mentor SMEs in our programmes to open the SME owner/managers minds to possibilities and exponential business growth and provide guiding light along the path to prosperity.

We assist the entrepreneurs in our ESD programmes to stand on the shoulders of giants, and thus reach heights that might otherwise be impossible.

SME are the key job creation in South Africa, but they only create jobs when they grow and the faster and bigger they grow, the larger they become. Our role to design programmes that will achieve this exponential growth, to manage the risks that come with this growth and to provide the resources required to drive the growth.