Need an opinion or a report on a specific Empowerment topic or B-BBEE clause?

Industry B-BBEE Benchmark

  • Maintain your competitive advantage, know how you fair in terms of transformation in your industry

B-BBEE Transaction structure

  • We can provide you with an opinion on your current or proposed B-BBEE transaction and corporate structure

B-BBEE fronting avoidance

  • Not sure what you’re doing or thinking is fronting? We can provide you with an opinion and advise with the spirit and letter of the law

B-BBEE Status

  • We can provide you with an opinion in relation to your B-BBEE status

B-BBEE Competent Person Report

  • We can assist you with your competent person report

Compliance Report

  • Not sure about whether or not you are compliant? We can help you with a quick assessment and provide you with a report