We understand that getting audited and verified can be daunting, for your ease and convenience, we offer pre-audit and verification support to make the verification

Mock B-BBEE scoring

  • We analyze your data and provide an indicative B-BBEE scoring

Gap Analysis

  • We help you identify the causes of low or non-compliance and work with you to explore potential remedies

Advice on requirements

  • We provide advice on the generic B-BBEE Codes as well all sector Codes and verification requirements and processes

Completion of information, data-collection and validation

  • We assist you with collecting and collating the correct information for a hassle-free verification at the end of your financial year

Assistance with queries during the verification process

  • Often there will be queries from the verification agent and we are available to assist you with them

Support with audit

  • We assist you with preparing for the audit and provide support on the day of the audit