Enterprise and Supplier Development is a concept with the purpose of stimulating the South African economy,
creating jobs and supply chains diversity. It is part of the B-BBEE policy to advance economic transformation in South Africa.
The beneficiary SME will become a supplier of services / products to the Corporate and therefore do not
need to be in the same sector.
  • Businesses who turnover less than R10m are regarded as an Exempt Micro Enterprise (EME)
    and are not required to comply to the codes
  • Businesses who turnover between R10m and R50m are regarded as a Qualifying Small Enterprise
    (QSE) and are required to score against all five pillars of the code
  • Businesses who turnover in excess of R50m are regarded as a Generic Enterprise
    (GE) and will be scored against all the pillars
  • Improve B-BBEE rating
  • Improve beneficiary performance
  • Reduce costs
  • Resolve quality management issues
  • Develop new solutions to supply chain
  • Improve business alignment between the beneficiary and the sponsoring organisation
  • Develop a new or improved product or service
  • Generate competition in the marketplace.
Points can be earned in numerous ways including the following:

  • Training for capacity building
  • Seed Funding
  • Unsecured, interest-free loans to qualifying ESD beneficiaries
  • ESD programmes that focus on ESD beneficiary growth and supply chain readiness